XUV500 provides the mileage of 15.1 kmpl and Harrier provides the mileage of 16.35 kmpl.

XUV500 vs Harrier Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights XUV500 Harrier
Engine Capacity 2179 cc 1956 cc
Power 153 bhp 168 bhp
Transmission Manual Manual
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel

Thereof What is the mileage of XUV500? Mileage of Mahindra XUV500

The Manual Diesel variant has a mileage of 16.0 kmpl. The Automatic Diesel variant has a mileage of 16.0 kmpl. The Automatic Petrol variant has a mileage of 16.0 kmpl.

Which car is better than XUV 500? Like the XUV500 and Hexa, this engine is also offered either with a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed torque-converter automatic.


Powertrain (petrol)
Mahindra XUV500 Hyundai Creta
Type 4-cylinder turbocharged 4-cylinder
Displacement 2179cc 1591cc

• May 4, 2018

Similarly, Which is more reliable Tata or Mahindra?

Of the total 395 votes polled in the snap poll, 284 votes or 71.9% of the vote went to Mahindra with Tata settling for the rest.

Which is better Tata Hexa or XUV500?

CarWale brings you comparison of Tata Hexa and Mahindra XUV500. The Tata Hexa price is ₹ 13.69 Lakh and Mahindra XUV500.

Hexa vs XUV500 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Hexa XUV500
Engine Capacity 2179 cc 2179 cc
Power 148 bhp 153 bhp
Transmission Manual Manual
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel

Is XUV 500 petrol or diesel? Mahindra XUV500 is only available in diesel fuel trim and no petrol variant is available in India.

Which car gives highest average?

2.46 Crore. The most popular Top Mileage Cars include Volvo XC90 (46 kmpl), BMW 7 Series (39 kmpl) and Bajaj Qute (RE60) (35 kmpl) .

Top Mileage Cars in India 2022.

Model Price Mileage
Maruti Celerio Rs. 5.15 – 6.94 Lakh 26 kmpl
Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Rs. 5.29 – 8.51 Lakh 26 kmpl

Which SUV has best mileage? 10 Best Mileage SUVs in India

  • Kia Sonet. Kia Motors entered the sub-4 meter SUV segment with the Sonet SUV, which is available in the price bracket of Rs 6.79 lakh to Rs 13.25 lakh. …
  • Honda WR-V. …
  • Hyundai Venue. …
  • Tata Nexon. …
  • Renault Kiger. …
  • Mahindra XUV300. …
  • Maruti Vitara Brezza. …
  • Hyundai Creta.

Which is better XUV500 or Fortuner?

CarWale brings you comparison of Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra XUV500.

Fortuner vs XUV500 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Fortuner XUV500
Price ₹ 31.38 Lakh ₹ 12.37 Lakh
Engine Capacity 2694 cc 2179 cc
Power 164 bhp 153 bhp

What is the difference between XUV and SUV? Key Difference: SUV stands for a sports utility vehicle that is used to denote any vehicle that looks like a station wagon. … XUV stands for Mahindra XUV 500, which is an SUV produced by the Indian automobile company named as Mahindra and Mahindra.

What is the top speed of XUV 500?

Top speed 185 kmph
0-100kmph 10.0 sec

Which car is best for long life? 10 of the Longest Lasting Cars on the Road

  • 2019 Toyota Camry. Word around the water cooler is if you want a reliable car, buy a Toyota Camry. …
  • 2019 Honda Accord. …
  • 2019 Toyota Prius. …
  • 2019 Honda Civic. …
  • 2019 Toyota Corolla. …
  • 2019 Lexus ES. …
  • 2018 Hyundai Elantra. …
  • 2019 Chevrolet Impala.

Which is best XUV500 or Innova Crysta?

CarWale brings you comparison of Mahindra XUV500 and Toyota Innova Crysta [2016-2020].

XUV500 vs Innova Crysta [2016-2020] Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights XUV500 Innova Crysta [2016-2020]
Price ₹ 12.37 Lakh ₹ 13.71 Lakh
Engine Capacity 2179 cc 2393 cc
Power 153 bhp 148 bhp
Transmission Manual Manual

Which one is better Tata Safari or XUV500?

Safari provides the mileage of 16.14 kmpl and XUV500 provides the mileage of 15.1 kmpl .

Safari vs XUV500 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights Safari XUV500
Price ₹ 14.99 Lakh ₹ 12.37 Lakh
Engine Capacity 1956 cc 2179 cc
Power 168 bhp 153 bhp

Is Tata Hexa flop? Tata Hexa. A real SUV offered by Tata. Powered by a 2.2-litre which produced 154hp of power and a peak torque of 400Nm, Hexa was indeed a great SUV. … Due to low demand, Tata discontinued the Hexa when the BS6 norms kicked in.

What is price of xuv500 in India? Explore Price of XUV500 Alternatives

Variant Ex-Showroom Price
Sportz MT AWD2179 cc, Manual, Diesel, 16.0 kmplEXPIRED Rs.16.53 Lakh *
W9 AT 1.991997 cc, Automatic, Diesel, 16.0 kmplEXPIRED Rs.16.67 Lakh *
W7 AT2179 cc, Automatic, Diesel, 15.1 kmplEXPIRED Rs.16.76 Lakh *

Which is better Innova or Hexa?

The Innova gets a larger capacity diesel motor, a 2.8 litre to be precise and this one is more close to 20 bhp, more powerful than the engine on the Hexa. With 171 bhp on offer, the Innova clearly has the advantage, when it comes to power.

Is XUV500 all wheel drive? Speaking of all-wheel, Mahindra has removed the AWD feature. This will make the XUV500 a bit light in weight. The front suspension is made up of McPherson struts with an anti-roll bar whereas the rear ones comprise of multilink type.

Is XUV500 available in petrol?

The XUV500 petrol is available in only one variant, the G Automatic, and is priced at Rs 15.50 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), which is Rs 1 lakh less than the corresponding diesel variant (W9 AT).

How much mileage does Mahindra XUV700 give? Average Fuel Economy of Mahindra XUV 700 Petrol variant is 10 KMPL Diesel variant is 12 KMPL. XUV 700 comes with a 4 cylinder, 1997-2198 CC Engine, Turbo Petrol ith Direct Injection (TGDi) which can generate up to N/A power and 380 Nm @ 1750-3000 rpm torque.

Which car is best for middle class family?

The 15 Best Cars for Small Middle-Class Indian Families

  • Renault Kwid. Renault Kwid | Middle-Class Family Cars. …
  • Maruti Suzuki WagonR. Maruti Suzuki WagonR | Middle-Class Family Cars. …
  • Hyundai Santro. …
  • Maruti Suzuki Ignis. …
  • Hyundai Grand i10 Nios. …
  • Maruti Suzuki Baleno. …
  • Ford Figo. …
  • Tata Altroz.

Which car is best for family? Best Family Cars in India under 5 lakh

  1. Tata Tiago. Let us start the list with one of the most impressive family offerings from Tata, the Tiago. …
  2. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800. …
  3. Maruti Suzuki Celerio. …
  4. Renault Triber. …
  5. Datsun GO+

Which petrol is best for car?

The higher the octane number is, the more resistant the fuel is to pinging in your engine. For this reason, it’s recommended you fill high-performance cars with higher octane fuels, such as 98 premium unleaded petrol, since these cars are more likely to burn fuel consistently at higher temperatures than regular cars.

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