The light reaction occurs in the thylakoids of the chloroplast. When the light hits chlorophyll a get excited to higher energy state followed by a series of reactions. This energy is converted into energy molecules ATP and NADPH by using PS I and PS II.

Where does Calvin cycle occur in chloroplast?

Unlike the light reactions which take place in the thylakoid membrane the reactions of the Calvin cycle take place in the stroma (the inner space of chloroplasts).

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Where does the Calvin cycle occur quizlet?

Where does the Calvin Cycle occur? The Calvin Cycle occurs in the stroma whereas the light reactions occur in the thylakoids.

Where does Calvin cycle take place in C3 plants?

In the C3 plants the first compound form is of 3 carbon (PGA) while in C4 plants the first compound is of 4 carbon (OAA). The Calvin cycle takes place in the mesophyll cells. The Calvin cycle takes place in the bundle sheath cells.

Does the light independent pathway of photosynthesis continue to occur when the leaf disks are placed in the dark environment quizlet?

In a dark environment the process involved in the light-independent pathway slows down. When leaf disks are placed in a dark environment they begin to shrink and do not continue with the process.

Which of the following are generated by light reactions of photosynthesis quizlet?

The light reactions produce carbon dioxide ATP NADPH all of which are used in the Calvin cycle. The light reactions produce ATP and NADPH both of which are used in the Calvin cycle.

Where is the light energy converted into an electron?

the reaction center is where light energy is converted into electron transport.

What is light-independent reaction quizlet?

The light-independent reaction: The second and final stage of photosynthesis. It uses the products of the light-dependent reaction (ATP and reduced NADP) to make organic substances for the plant. The Calvin Cycle. AKA the Light-Independent Reaction.

Why do the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis take place in the thylakoid quizlet?

-The purpose of the light-dependent reactions is to use water and light to produce ATP and NADPH or energy that the cell can use. … -Light-dependent reactions happen in the thylakoid membrane. -The Calvin Cycle happens in the stroma.

Where do light harvesting reactions occur in a eukaryotic cell?

In eukaryotic cells both the light and dark reactions of photosynthesis occur within chloroplasts—the light reactions in the thylakoid membrane and the dark reactions within the stroma. This section discusses the light reactions of photosynthesis which are related to oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria.

What are the inputs of the light-dependent reactions?

2. Inputs to the light reactions are water and the light energy. 3. The light reactions produce ATP NADPH and Oxygen.

The Calvin Cycle

The Light Independent Reaction of Photosynthesis

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