Queenstown to Wanaka Road Trip via State Highway 6

  • Lake Hayes. Lake Hayes at sunset.
  • Kawarau Gorge. The river at Kawarau Bridge bungy really is that blue!
  • Gibbston Valley. Just checking the grapes!
  • Cromwell. Views over Lake Dunstan near Cromwell!
  • Luggate Grandview Bridge.
  • Wanaka Lavender Farm.

Thereof What is there to do between Rick Anau and Wanaka? The top stops along the way from Wanaka to Te Anau (with short detours) are Queenstown Gardens, Te Anau Glowworm Caves, and Lake Wānaka. Other popular stops include Glenorchy-Queenstown Road, Kiwi Birdlife Park, and Cardrona Alpine Resort.

How long does it take to drive from Wanaka to Mount Cook? At 199 kilometres this drive takes 2 hours and 15 minutes. However, we recommend taking at least half a day to make the most of the many photos stops and walks on offer.

Similarly, How much is the bus from Queenstown to Arrowtown?

How much does the bus cost? With a Bee Card (the bus driver will give you one for free at the time of writing): Adults are $2 and children $1.50 (one way). Cash: Adults are $4 and children $2 (one way).

What is there to see between Glenorchy and Queenstown?

What are the best stops between Queenstown and Glenorchy?

  • Sunshine Bay.
  • Little Thailand Rock jump.
  • Seven Mile Track Parking Lot.
  • Moke Lake.
  • Wilsons Bay.
  • Lake Dispute.
  • Twelve Mile Delta.
  • Mt Crichton Loop Track.

Where should I eat between Queenstown and Te Anau? Five Rivers Café is a rural café, art gallery and farmyard, located halfway between Queenstown and Te Anau on the tourist route to Milford Sound. The café’s friendly staff serve some of the best coffee and food in the South.

What is there to see between Fox Glacier and Wanaka?

15 Best Stops on the Drive from Wanaka to Franz Josef

  1. Lake Hawea. Lake Hawea is beautiful! …
  2. Lake Wanaka Lookout (just after “The Neck”) This is one windy road and the views of the lake are magnificent! …
  3. The Blue Pools. …
  4. Haast Pass Lookout. …
  5. Fantail Falls. …
  6. Thunder Creek Falls. …
  7. Haast River Lookout. …
  8. Roaring Billy Falls.

Is Mount Cook worth visiting? Is it Mount Cook worth visiting? Absolutely! Mount Cook is the tallest mountain in New Zealand, and as such, is seriously impressive. There are tons of beautiful walks and hikes to do in Mount Cook National Park that lead to stunning viewpoints of Mount Cook and nearby glaciers.

Is Twizel worth visiting?

Twizel is just a wee place (population around 1,300), and is definitely known more for its stunning surrounds and activities close by than as a destination itself. There’s still a bit going on in the town centre, though, so it’s worth hanging out to enjoy for a while.

Is it worth driving to Milford Sound? Regarding concerns about time, you have to realize that although the drive to Milford Sound is a lengthy one, it is also an extremely scenic drive. Really, the drive out to Milford Sound is half the appeal. If you have a rental car, there are many opportunities to stop along the way and you definitely should.

Are buses free in Queenstown? You can go anywhere on the Queenstown Orbus network for just $2 with a Bee Card, plus you’ll get a free 45-minute transfer. Click here to find out more about the Bee Card, or scroll down. You can get a Bee Card from your bus driver, at the Otago Regional Council office in Frankton or the i-SITE in town for $5.

How much is a taxi from Queenstown to Arrowtown? The quickest way to get from Queenstown to Arrowtown is to taxi which costs $90 – $120 and takes 20 min.

How much is a taxi from Queenstown airport to Arrowtown?

The fastest way to get from Queenstown Airport (ZQN) to Arrowtown is to taxi which takes 15 min and costs $70 – $90.

Why is Glenorchy famous?

Glenorchy’s spectacular landscapes have become a prime location for film scouts, depicting many scenes from The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as featuring in the Narnia movies. Twenty kilometres away from Glenorchy, as bucolic farmland gives way to beech forests, lies Paradise.

Is it worth going to Glenorchy? Is Glenorchy Worth Visiting? Glenorchy is worth visiting for a few nights or even for a Glenorchy day trip! At less than an hour away from Queenstown, it’s super easy to head over there and experience something new.

Is Glenorchy worth visiting? Glenorchy is one of the most popular places to visit near Queenstown. In my opinion, it’s not only worth visiting but should be at the top of everyones New Zealand bucket-list!

Can you drive to Milford Sound?

Milford Sound is 288km from Queenstown (4 hours 15 minutes) and 121km from Te Anau (2 hours 15 minutes). Choosing to drive to Milford Sound by car in your own time can be a rewarding experience, but there are risks involved. … The drive to Milford Sound can be done in parts, giving you flexibility and full control.

What is there to do in Ver Anau Invercargill? Highlights of the Southern Scenic Route

  • Invercargill – Tuatapere – Te Anau. The 200-kilometre (124 mile) drive between Te Anau and Invercargill via Tuatapere takes approximately 2.5 hours by car and is sealed the entire way. …
  • Borland Road. …
  • The Humpridge Ridge Track – Tuatapere. …
  • Jet boating Wairaurahiri River.

What is there to do from Te Anau to Milford Sound?

Best Stops Between Te Anau and Milford Sound

  1. Lake Te Anau Viewpoint. Only a 5-minute detour from the main road out of Te Anau is a beautiful lookout called Lake Te Anau Lions Lookout. …
  2. Lake Mistletoe Walking Track. …
  3. Te Anau Downs. …
  4. Eglinton Valley. …
  5. Mirror Lakes. …
  6. Lake Gunn. …
  7. Key Summit hike. …
  8. Pops View Lookout/Hollyford Lookout.

Is Franz Josef or Fox Glacier better? Fox has a gradual decent, whereas Franz Josef drops steeply from the Southern Alps to near sea-level. The steeper incline forces dramatic movement of ice, making Franz Josef Glacier the fastest commercially guided glacier in the world, with ice moving up to 5m per day!

How long is the walk to Fox Glacier?

How long will it take? This is a 2.6km one-hour return walk.

Can you walk Fox Glacier without guide? Yes! You can hike the trail to the base of the glacier without a guide.

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