Hawke’s Bay Today is a daily compact newspaper published in Hastings, New Zealand and serving Hastings, Napier and the Hawke’s Bay region.

Thereof What are the best suburbs in Napier? Suburbs Of Interest

  • Haumoana u2013 Hastings. …
  • Other u2013 Hastings. …
  • Taradale u2013 Napier. …
  • Bluff Hill and Hospital Hill u2013 Napier. …
  • Poraiti u2013 Napier. …
  • Westshore u2013 Napier. …
  • Bay View u2013 Napier. …
  • Other u2013 Napier. Heading up the coast, places like Tangoio and Eskdale are home to some of the more remote luxury properties in the Hawkes Bay area.

How do I contact Hawkes Bay today? Hawkes Bay Today

  1. Contacts. Phone 06 873 0870. Email [email protected]
  2. Location. Hawkes Bay Region. Address. HASTINGS 4156.

Similarly, What is Napier NZ known for?

Street after street of stunning and beautifully-restored Art Deco buildings have made Napier famous as one of the most complete collections of Art Deco buildings in the world. … Napier is home to many fine wineries, fabulous restaurants, bars and cafes.

Is Gisborne in Hawkes Bay?

The region is located in the northeastern corner of the North Island. It ranges from the Wharerata Hills in the south, which divide it from Wairoa District in Hawke’s Bay, to Lottin Point in the north.

Does Hawkes Bay have an apostrophe? Hawke’s Bay and Hawke Bay are an example of “descriptive application”. The possessive apostrophe is used for the land district, but Hawke Bay, without a apostrophe, is used for the bay.

Why is Cape Kidnappers called?

On 15 October 1769 Lieutenant James Cook named the area Cape Kidnappers after local Māori tried to take the young boy who was accompanying the Tahitian arioi Tupaia: … Te Kauwae-a-Maui, close to where this incident occurred, has borne the name Cape Kidnappers ever since.

Is Napier worth visiting? Simple answer – YES! If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Napier, then this should be your year. From our own experience, as well as the feedback we get from customers, Napier is 100% worth visiting and there is no better time than the summer.

Is Taupo in Hawkes Bay?

The regional council area consists of the territorial authorities of Wairoa District, Hastings District, Napier City, and its southernmost district, Central Hawke’s Bay District, plus the localities of Taharua in the Taupo District and Ngamatea in the Rangitikei District.

Is it Hawke Bay or Hawkes Bay? Nowadays the body of water is called Hawke Bay, while the region is called Hawke’s Bay. The difference stems from the authorities and histories behind the official names. The name of the original Hawke’s Bay Province was gazetted on 1 November 1858, when it split from the Wellington Province.

Does New Zealanders need an apostrophe? According to the NZ Parliamentary standards style guide, apart from a few exceptions (such as Arthur’s Pass and Hawke’s Bay), New Zealand place names do not have an apostrophe. … Likewise, the USA “Board on Geographic Names” abolished the use of apostrophes in most place names back in the 1890s.

What is Hawke’s Bay in Maori? The Māori name for Hawke Bay is Te Matau-a-Māui from the legend of the fish-hook with which Maui fished up the North Island.

Who owns Cape Kidnappers?

As with Kauri Cliffs, The Farm at Cape Kidnappers is owned and created by American billionaire Julian Robertson.

What is there to do in Napier for free?

10 Free & Cheap Things to Do in Napier

  • Take a Walk Along Marine Parade – FREE. …
  • Visit Otatara Pa – FREE. …
  • Pop in MTG Hawke’s Bay – FREE. …
  • Get Awesome Views from Te Mata Peak – FREE. …
  • Check Out the Napier Urban Farmers Market – FREE. …
  • Take a Self-guided Art Deco Tour – CHEAP. …
  • Climb Bluff Hill – FREE. …
  • Explore Napier Prison – CHEAP.

How many acres is Cape Kidnappers? Set atop 6,000 rolling acres of stunning pasture-land, The Farm at Cape Kidnappers offers elegant lodge style accommodation, with spectacular 180-degree views overlooking the farmland, golf course and Pacific Ocean.

Is Napier safe? Crime rates in Napier, New Zealand

Level of crime 81.52 Very High
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 84.78 Very High
Worries home broken and things stolen 76.09 High
Worries being mugged or robbed 54.35 Moderate
Worries car stolen 76.14 High

What is Napier good for?

13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Napier

  • Napier’s Art Deco Architecture. Art Deco Architecture | Russell James Smith / photo modified. …
  • National Aquarium of New Zealand. …
  • Marine Parade. …
  • Tremains Art Deco Weekend. …
  • Otatara Pa: A Maori Fortified Village. …
  • Cape Kidnappers. …
  • MTG Hawke’s Bay. …
  • Bluff Hill.

Is Rotorua in Waikato? The Waikato region encompasses the Waikato, Matamata-Piaka, Waipa, South Waikato districts and Hamilton City. This is smaller than the Waikato regional council area, which extends to the King Country, Taupo, Hauraki and the Coromandel Peninsula, and parts of the Rotorua district.

What happened during the 1931 Napier earthquake?

3 February 1931

When the earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, struck at 10.47 a.m., many buildings in central Napier and Hastings collapsed. … Among the buildings destroyed were Napier’s Anglican cathedral, public library and nurses’ home, where clerical staff and off-duty nurses died.

Should Te Reo have capitals? The Māori language may be referred to as ‘te reo Māori’ or just ‘te reo’ – ‘te reo’ is lowercase.

How do you write time in NZ?

There are different ways to write the time in numerals.

Twenty-four hour time is shown as:

  1. 1200 = noon.
  2. 2400 or 0000 = midnight.
  3. 0001 = 12.01 am.
  4. 1438 – 2.38 pm.
  5. At 1500 hours (or 1500h)

Does the full stop go inside the quotation marks NZ? Also note that in dialogue the final full stop is always inside the quotation marks as it is the end of the quoted material. A question mark or exclamation mark at the end of dialogue always goes inside the quotation marks. No other punctuation is needed outside the quotation marks.

What is the nickname for Napier?

Napier has even earned the nickname, ‘Art Deco capital of the world‘!

Why is Napier called ahuriri? Founded in 1855 by the government, Napier (formerly known as Ahuriri) is Hawke’s Bay’s oldest town. … Originally Ahuriri. The name commemorates Sir Charles Napier, the commander-in-chief of British forces in India. The new name was not adopted until 1858.

What is Hamilton in Māori?

Hamilton (Māori: Kirikiriroa) is an inland city in the North Island of New Zealand.

How much is a round at Cape Kidnappers? Pricing and Conditions

High season Low season
(Oct – Apr) (May – Sep)
$322.00 – $649.00 $230.00 – $400.00

Who owns Matakauri Lodge? Since opening in 2010, Matakauri (above) — owned by hedge fund billionaire Julian Robertson and a member of the Relais & Châteaux group — has garnered a string of international honours, including a place on Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s annual Hot List and being named New Zealand & Australia’s Best Luxury Lodge by …

Who Owns The Farm at Cape Kidnappers?

Owned by United States billionaire Julian Robertson, it is a sister lodge to the high-end Kauri Cliffs in Northland, and Matakauri lodge near Queenstown – where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Wills and Kate) stayed during their 2014 royal tour.

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