A stock-the-bar shower is a co-ed wedding shower where the couple is given bottles of booze or barware to fill their bar cart and toast to their engagement. While bridal showers have been around for centuries, stock-the-bar parties are a modern twist on this classic tradition.

How do you stock a bar for an event?

The general rule of thumb for the types of alcohol you’ll serve should be these ratios:

Full bar: 33% liquor, 33% beer, 33% wine.
Beer and wine only: 70% beer, 30% wine.
If you plan to do a toast you’ll need 1 bottle of sparkling wine per 8 guests for toasting.

Can you bring wine to a stock-the-bar party?

Whether it’s a couples bridal shower, housewarming get-together or 21st birthday, a stock-the-bar party calls for party-goers to bring their favorite bottle of liquor, wine or beer for the guest of honor. If they feel generous, they can also gift a bar accessory, such as a cocktail shaker or festive wine glass charms.

How do you have a bar at a party?

The first row should have liquor bottles, red wine and white wine, in order from left to right. The second row should have a water jug, juices and garnishes. The third row should have soft drinks, jiggers and other bar tools and openers. The fourth and front row should have napkins, an ice bucket and tongs.

What is a co ed wedding shower?

A Jack and Jill party is a coed wedding shower where the couple is given gifts they need to start their new life together. It’s like a bridal shower, but the groom and his family and friends are also in attendance. … She is also the founder of VOW, a tech platform that connects the wedding industry.

Bartending Tips : How to Plan a Stock-the-Bar Party

What does a fully stocked bar have?

Your checklist for a fully stocked home bar includes a variety of alcohols, tools, and drinkware, and mastering a few cocktail recipes. You should have the five common types of alcohol, including tequila, gin, vodka, rum, and whisky, as well as a small selection of beer, wine, and champagne.

How do I stock a bar for 200 guests?


140 bottles of wine.
350 bottles of beer.
30 bottles of liquor (750 ml)
40 bottles of champagne for toast (optional)

How much alcohol do you need for 100 guests?

A good rule of thumb is to buy 10 bottles of vodka, 6 bottles of whiskey, 6 bottles of gin, 4 bottles of scotch, 2 bottles tequila, 2 bottles of triple sec, 2 bottles of vermouth, 4 cases of beer, and 2 cases of wine for every 100 guests.

What is the point of a stock the bar party?

Stock-the-bar showers are an alternative (or additional!) shower that celebrates a couple’s engagement with gifts of bubbly, booze, and bar tools to keep their liquor cabinet stocked with everything they need to entertain and celebrate in style.

What should I stock my bar with for a party?

How to Stock a Cocktail Bar

Whiskey, bourbon, rye.
Rum (light or dark)
Tequila (white, gold, aged, extra-aged or ultra-aged)

What type of wine should you stock in a bar?

Wine—We recommend having at least 2 bottles of light-bodied wine along with two more of richer, full-bodied options. This applies to both your red wine and white wine. There are many wine bottle sizes, so stick to a size you know you’ll use before the alcohol goes bad.

How do I stock a bar for a party of 40?

Beer: 40% of your guests will go for beer. Champagne: very popular during the holidays. Hard liquor: Gin, Tequila, Bourbon, Sweet Vermouth, Dry Vermouth, Rum, Irish Whiskey, Vodka, Scotch 1 bottle of each. Mixers: Double the amount of tonic water compared to the rest.

How do you set up a bar for a party of 50?

For a party of 50 guests, that translates to between 12 and 13 dozen beers, 9 dozen mixers and 20 bottles of wine. You can add two bottles of cordial (orange and lime are generally the most popular), a bottle of bitters, and some fruit juice options to diversify the choices without adding too much stock.

What do you call a bridal shower for both bride and groom?

Also called a stag and doe, buck and doe, couples shower or co-ed shower, a Jack and Jill wedding shower is a party that celebrates both the bride and groom. These events are more contemporary than traditional bridal showers, but still include some time-honored traditions.

Who pays for coed wedding shower?

Standard etiquette dictates the person hosting the shower would be the one who pays for it. However, if multiple people are hosting the shower (or if multiple people want to contribute to the event), that’s absolutely fine too.

Who gets invited to a couple’s wedding shower?

A couple shower is closer to a cocktail or dinner party than it is to a bridal shower. Female and male relatives, as well as close friends, are invited. The party still revolves around gifts, but they’re presented to both the bride and the groom, and generally they are a mix of home goods and guy-friendly gadgets.