What does the little 2 mean in 2CO2?

There are four oxygen atoms in the formula 2CO2. The number 2 that is sub-scripted with O determines the number of oxygen atoms, while the number 2 is showing the carbon dioxide atom means how many carbon dioxide is present..

What does the 2 mean in 2CO?

Answer: According to chemistry CO stands for carbon monoxide. 2CO represents 2 molecules of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide contains one carbon atom and one oxygen atom.

What does the Big 4 mean in 4H2?

What does the big 4 in 4H2 mean? There are 4 molecules of Hydrogen 2. What does the little 2 in 4H2 mean? There are 2 atoms. What is the biggest molecule you can make and its chemical formula.

What does the big 2 in 202 mean?

Answer: I believe it means two molecules of oxygen. Explanation: The name for the molecular oxygen model is o2 and when you place a number in front of the element, it tells how many molecules there are of that element.

What law do we use to balance chemical equations What does the law say?

law of conservation of mass

Can you make a molecule that can be broken into smaller molecules?

Hydrolysis: a chemical reaction where water is used to break apart another molecule. During this process, water (H20) will break apart forming OH- and H+. The H+ will “bond” to one part of the large molecule and OH- will bond to the other part of the molecule, forming two smaller separate molecules.

What is it called when large molecules are broken down into smaller ones?

Answer and Explanation: Catabolic reactions break down large molecules into smaller ones. During this process, the energy contained in the chemical bonds of the molecules is released. These catabolic reactions are also examples of hydrolysis reactions.

Can you break a molecule?

Bonds can also be broken apart. Since most bonds require energy to form, they also give off energy when they are broken. But before most bonds break, the molecule has to be heated. Then the atoms start to move, and when they move too much, the bond breaks.

Can atoms disappear?

No, atoms can’t disappear. However, atoms can decay. Through the fission process, an atom can break down until it…

Can molecules be broken down into atoms?

consists of only one kind of atom, cannot be broken down into a simpler type of matter by either physical or chemical means, and. can exist as either atoms (e.g. argon) or molecules (e.g., nitrogen).

Can matter be broken down?

Matter can be broken down into two categories: pure substances and mixtures. Various separation techniques exist in order to separate matter, including include distillation, filtration, evaporation and chromatography. Matter can be in the same phase or in two different phases for this separation to take place.

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