What are the sub phases of the interphase?

Interphase is composed of G1 phase (cell growth), followed by S phase (DNA synthesis), followed by G2 phase (cell growth). At the end of interphase comes the mitotic phase, which is made up of mitosis and cytokinesis and leads to the formation of two daughter cells.

What are the stages of the eukaryotic cell that define interphase?

During interphase, G1 involves cell growth and protein synthesis, the S phase involves DNA replication and the replication of the centrosome, and G2 involves further growth and protein synthesis. The mitotic phase follows interphase.

What happens in the interphase stage?

During interphase, the cell grows (G1), replicates its DNA (S) and prepares for mitosis (G2). A common misconception is that interphase is the first stage of mitosis, but since mitosis is the division of the nucleus, prophase is actually the first stage. In interphase, the cell gets itself ready for mitosis or meiosis.

What stage of Interphase is the longest?

synthesis phase

What are the two main purposes for cell division?

Cellular division has three main functions: (1) the reproduction of an entire unicellular organism, (2) the growth and repair of tissues in multicellular animals, and (3) the formation of gametes (eggs and sperm) for sexual reproduction in multicellular animals.

Which two cell components are copied before the muscle cells start to divide?

They include DNA replication, chromosome segregation, and finally the separation into two daughter cells. Step 1: DNA Replication. Just before the cell divides, its DNA is copied in a process called DNA replication.

What is the correct order of events in the cell cycle quizlet?

G1, S, G2, Mitosis, Cytokinesis. division of Cytoplasm. Put the following into order: Cell division, cell growth, DNA replication, prepare for mitosis.

What is the correct order of the cell cycle quizlet?

The CORRECT sequence of steps in the eukaryotic cell cycle is: G1 → S phase → G2 → mitosis → cytokinesis.

What is the stages and sub phases of cell division?

Interphase is often further divided into distinguishable subphases called G1 , S , and G2 phases. Mitosis is the stage in which replicated DNA is distributed to daughter cells and is itself often subdivided into five distinguishable stages: prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.

What is the end of cell division?


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