To use a different greeting that you’ve already recorded or switch back to the default greeting: On your Android device, open the Google Voice app . At the top left, tap Menu Settings. In the Voicemail section, tap Voicemail greeting. Next to the greeting that you would like to use, tap more Set as active.

How do I get rid of voicemail default?

How to Delete Greeting on Voicemail Navigate to your voicemail option if using a cell phone. Listen to the recorded voicemail instructions. Press the number on your keypad symbolizing “Yes” when asked if you want to delete your current message.

How do you change your voicemail on Android?

How to change your voicemail greeting on Android? On Android devices above Android 5 (Lollipop), open the Phone app. Then, press and hold “1” to call your voicemail. Now, enter your PIN and press “#”. Press “*” for the menu. Press “4” to change settings. Press “1” to change your greeting.

How do I change the default voicemail on my Samsung?

Set Up a Basic Visual Voicemail Greeting – Samsung From a Home screen, swipe up to access all apps then tap Voicemail . From the Visual Voicemail inbox, tap the Menu icon. (upper-right). Tap Settings then tap Standard greetings. Select a Voicemail greeting option then tap OK: Greeting with Telephone Number.

Where are my voicemail settings?

Change your voicemail settings Open the Phone app . At the top right, tap More options . Tap Settings. Voicemail. You can: Change which carrier handles your voicemails: Tap Advanced Settings Service. Set up your voice mailbox: Tap Advanced Settings Setup. Change your notification settings: Tap Notifications.

Why can’t I access my voicemail?

In many cases, an update to your carrier’s voicemail app or settings can resolve the issue, but don’t forget to call your voicemail number to check if it is set up correctly. Once you’ve set up your voicemail, you’re free to switch off when you need to. There are other ways you can stay in contact, however.

How do I get rid of my voicemail?

It may be stored on your devices or the devices you contacted. Open the Voice app . On the bottom, tap Messages , Calls , or Voicemail . Tap a conversation, call, or voicemail to select it More options . Tap Delete Tap the box next to “I understand”.

How do you change voicemail on Samsung?

Change greeting From any Home screen, tap Applications. Scroll to and tap Visual Voicemail. Tap Greetings. Tap the greeting you want to use or tap Record a new greeting.

How do I get my voicemail on Android?

The easiest way to check your Android voicemail is to open up your phone’s dial pad — the pad you use to enter phone numbers — and hold down the number “1.” If you look closely, it should even have a little icon that looks like a tape recording below it. You’ll be taken immediately to your voicemail inbox.

What is Visual Voicemail on Samsung?

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) brought an implementation of visual voicemail (VVM) support integrated into the Dialer, allowing compatible Carrier VVM services to hook into the Dialer with minimal configuration. Visual voicemail lets users easily check voicemail without making any phone calls.

How do I change my voicemail message?

To record a new greeting: Open the Google Voice app . At the top left, tap Menu. Settings. In the Voicemail section, tap Voicemail greeting. Tap Record a greeting. Tap Record . Record your greeting and when you’re done, tap Stop . Choose what you want to do with the recording: To listen to the recording, tap Play .

How do I find out what my voicemail password is?

If you don’t have access to your online account, you can dial in to your voicemail by pressing and holding the ‘1’ key on your phone’s keypad. After your phone connects to the voicemail system, you can access your password settings by pressing ‘*’, followed by the 5 key.

Why can’t I access my voicemail on Samsung?

To access your voicemail, you need to have cellular service. From the main screen, tap the “Phone” icon. Press and hold the “1” key. Your phone will automatically call “Voicemail.” Once the call is connected, follow the prompts to set up your voicemail or access your messages.

Where is my voicemail icon on this phone?

Check Secondary Home Screens Swipe to the left or right to see if the voice mail icon appears on one of these secondary screens. If you locate the icon, tap and hold the icon, then flick the icon toward the main home screen.

How do I reset my voicemail password on Android?

Change password From any Home screen, tap the Apps icon. Tap Visual Voicemail. Tap the Menu key. Tap Settings. Tap Change PIN. Enter the current PIN and then tap OK. Enter the new PIN, then enter again to confirm. Tap OK.

How do I reset my visual voicemail on Android?

From a Home screen, navigate: Phone icon > Menu icon. > Settings. If not available, swipe up to display all apps then tap the Phone icon. Tap Voicemail. If unavailable, tap Call Settings > Voicemail. Tap the Visual Voicemail switch to turn on or off . If unavailable, tap Notifications.

Why is my voicemail app gone?

If the voicemail icon still hasn’t disappeared from your Android’s notification bar, the problem is most likely due to an error on your carrier’s end. If your carrier can’t do anything about the voicemail icon, you may need to factory reset your Android to get rid of it.

How do I get rid of voicemail on Samsung?

Here’s a quick way to remove the voicemail notification icon on your Android phone. Head to Settings by pulling down the notification shade and tapping the gear icon. Tap on Apps. Tap on Phone. Tap on Data Usage. Tap Clear Data, then tap Clear Cache. Reboot the phone.

How do I turn off voicemail on Samsung?

Disable Android voicemail through the phone app Go to Parameters from your Android phone. Click on Applications. Select application Phone. Look for an option Parameters ou More parameters. Once inside, look for the option automatic call forwarding. Disable the option Voice Messaging, or the automatic call forwarding.

How do I stop someone from leaving voicemail?

Blocking Calls on Android Phones (and voicemail on Pixel) Android has built-in call blocking, similar to iOS. Just tap a number in your call log and hit Block/report spam. And like Apple, this method has the two same drawbacks – the spammer has to call your first and blocked callers still go to voicemail.

How do I change my voicemail on my Samsung Galaxy S21?

Step by step to setup voicemail on Galaxy S21 Open the “Phone” app. Tap the 3 dots on the top right. Tap “Settings“. Tap “Voicemail“. Tap “Voicemail Settings“. Take note of the green number below “Voicemail number“. Go back to the dialer and enter the number from Step 6 (including the *). Press the green phone button.

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