It is not until the character’s ninth appearance that it is revealed that River was born Melody Pond, the daughter of the eleventh Doctor’s companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill), alongside whom Kingston had already appeared six previous times in series five and six of the show.

Is River Song the doctors wife?

Melody Pond’s third incarnation, best known as Professor River Song, was a “child of the TARDIS” and the wife of the Doctor, specifically of their eleventh and twelfth incarnations, although she also had encounters with their tenth and thirteenth incarnations, as well as earlier incarnations whose memories were later …

Is River Song Amy’s daughter?

River Song is Amy and Rory’s daughter, also known as Melody. Also known as Mels. It’s complicated. River was born with the power to regenerate but used up all her remaining regenerations when she saved the Doctor after she poisoned him because she was programmed to kill him…

Why did River Song marry the Doctor?

But rather than let that happen—she went to school to learn to love the guy, come on! —she decides that she’d rather destroy the universe than fulfill that function. But the universe has to be righted, so to appease her, the Doctor agrees to marry her.

Is Jenny river a Doctor Who song?

River Song is a regenerated Jenny (Doctor’s daughter/clone). River Song is Amy’s daughter/granddaughter. River Song is a human who just keeps meeting the Doctor in an odd companion-y way (didn’t see that one, added it in as just another possibility).

Who is River Song? REVEALED | A Good Man Goes to War | Doctor Who

Did the Doctor love the river?

River makes a point of it that she knows the Doctor doesn’t love her, but the Doctor never confirms that.

What did the Doctor whisper to River?

On The Wedding of River Song he whispers, “Look into my eye.” and then lies and says that he just told her his name. That’s when River realized that what he whispered to her when they first met was his name.

Why does River Song know the Doctor’s name?

Several years along, the best guess is that she learned his name during the twenty-four years of their “last night together” spent at the Singing Towers of Darillium, as shown at the end of The Husbands of River Song.

How many regenerations does River Song have?

Assuming they did not, it would appear that Melody Pond/River Song gave up TEN incarnations (9 regenerations) to save The Doctor. First Regeneration – while homeless, young Melody Pond apparently succumbed to hunger & illness, undergoing her first regeneration in the episode “Day of the Moon”.

Did river know Amy was her mom?

River reveals her parentage – A Good Man Goes to War (again) Just as she is born as “Melody Pond” (see No. 1), the older River, now a married woman, reveals who her mum and dad are: Amy and Rory.

Why is the Doctor’s name a secret?

Long story short: the Doctor lies. Recently, fans have hypothesized that the reason why the Doctor never speaks their own name is for their own safety. And the hypothesis also suggests that the only occasion for which a Time Lord would reveal their name is at the moment of their final death.

How did Amy get pregnant Doctor Who?

It was before the season began because Amy saw Madame Kovarian before the Silence took her. Note that was likely soon after the previous season’s finale; we know from the Doctor that Amy and Rory spent their wedding night on the TARDIS and she apparently got pregnant there, so it could have been any time after that.

Are River and the Doctor married?

Amy allows Kovarian to die as revenge for the kidnapping and brain-washing of her daughter Melody (aka River Song). The Doctor and River escape to the top of the pyramid followed by Amy and Rory. The Doctor marries River on the spot and whispers to her to look into his eye.

Who married River Song?

Seeing that there is only one way to pacify River, the Doctor tells Amy to uncuff him. He uses his bow tie to marry River in a rushed ceremony. He whispers a secret into his bride’s ear and tells her she must never tell anyone what he has just told her.

What is the Doctor’s true name?

John Smith. The Doctor’s most common alias (apart from the Doctor, obviously), this is his standard pseudonym on Earth.

What did the Doctor whisper to himself?

A bewildered Amy wonders how the Doctor keeps vanishing, making him explain what the device on his wrist is: “cheap, and nasty time travel; it’s bad for you. I’m trying to give it up.” The Eleventh Doctor whispers to himself.

Does Clara know the Doctor’s name?

In Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, Clara learnt the Doctor’s name from the Time War Book – but thanks to the time reset she forgot it. Then along came The Name of the Doctor, in which Clara starts remembering those un-happened events, including the Doctor’s amazement at her multiple incarnations.

Does River Song have 2 Hearts?

Although it’s a ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ moment, she does indeed appear to have two hearts… You might want to mention that the novel seems to be contradicted by screen evidence in The Doctor’s Daughter.

What does Rose Whisper Donna?

When asked if she remembered Rose’s name, Donna said she was never told it, but she does remember the two words Rose whispered into her ear: “Bad Wolf”.

Who is the Doctor’s favorite companion?

Sarah-Jane Smith is easily the most popular companion of the classic era of Doctor Who and even returned for several of the modern episodes.

Was Rose pregnant with the Doctor baby?

Two years after “Journey’s End,” Rose Tyler is pregnant with the Meta-Crisis Doctor’s child. The Doctor now goes by Corin because Rose decided she wanted him to have a name and refused to call him “the Doctor.” Corin works as a general practitioner, while Rose is working toward a diploma in Early Years care.

Does the Dr love Clara?

Both of them had ties to each other since their childhoods ⁠— thanks to time travel ⁠— and their relationship blossomed as she was the companion of his eleventh and twelfth incarnations. Soon enough, it became clear that Clara and the Doctor were most definitely in love with each other, despite not becoming lovers.

Does the Doctor have a child?

Unable to regenerate, with just one heart, a human Doctor, living with Rose on their parallel Earth, going by the name John Smith. Rose even calls him John. And indeed they have been there some time, to the extent they now have a daughter together – a teenage daughter, called Mia.


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