How often does a shingle roof need to be replaced?

In general, this is the recommended replacement schedule based on the material used: Composition Shingles: 12-20 years. Asphalt Shingles: 15-30 years. Wood Shingles: 20-25 years.

How often should you change your shingles on your house?

You should realistically get around 80-85% of the life span out of the asphalt shingles. This means you can expect to get around 20 years out of your 3-tab shingle roof and around 25 years out of your architectural shingles. On the other hand, luxury shingles are thicker and should get up to around 30 years.

What is the average lifespan of a typical asphalt shingle roof?

Vented properly and installed correctly, you should get around 80-85% of the life span out of an asphalt roof. That means you can expect to get about 20-22 years out of your 3-tab shingle roof and 25-28 years out of your dimensional shingles.

How many layers of shingles are allowed?

Most building codes allow up to two layers of organic or fiberglass asphalt shingles. That limit pertains to roofs with up to a 4:12 pitch. When it’s time to replace your roof, there are several factors that might lead your roofing professional to recommend adding shingles on top of your existing layers.

How do you calculate life of a roof?

You can often determine a roof’s age by the granules left on top of its asphalt shingles. A shingle’s granules protect the waterproofing asphalt from the sun’s UV rays. As shingles age, the asphalt dries out.

How long is a composite shingle roof good for?

This type of roofing typically lasts 20 years. However, with the right materials and proper maintenance, composite shingles can last up to 50 years and beyond. Accordingly, many composite roofs carry a warranty of 20 to 50 years, but the warranty length will ultimately depend on the manufacturer.

What is better fiberglass or asphalt shingles?

Better Durability: Because organic asphalt shingles contain more asphalt than fiberglass shingles, they are more durable, and as a result, they last longer than fiberglass. Their added durability also means that they are more likely to last through severe storms without getting blown away or damaged.

Are laminated shingles better than asphalt?

By virtue of their heavier construction, laminated shingles are able to last longer than 3-tab shingles. With more protective asphalt, granules and fiberglass per square foot, laminated shingles can resist sun, heat, impact and water damage more effectively and for a longer time than 3-tab shingles can.

Can you replace shingles in winter?

Yes, asphalt shingles can still be installed successfully in cold weather, providing a few important changes are made to the usual practices. If the temperature dips below freezing, frost, ice and snow become a serious safety factor on the roof.

Can you seal a shingle roof?

SHINGLE SEALER™ can be used to rejuvenate, waterproof, seal, protect and beautify most any type of sloped roofing surface. Acrylic resins actually rejuvenate and promote extending the roof’s life & roofing surface.

What is the price difference between 3 tab shingles and architectural?

When it comes to cost, architectural shingles typically runs $35 to $45 per bundle. Three-tab shingles cost an average of $25 to $30 per bundle. On the surface, the architectural shingles are 40 to 50 percent more expensive.

What’s the difference between three tab and architectural shingles?

The 3-tab shingle typically has a 20, 25, or 30-year warranty. On the other hand, architectural shingles typically have a minimum guarantee of 30 years. Overall, 3-tab shingles have a shorter life expectancy and can only withstand winds of up to 60-70 mph, whereas architectural shingles can withstand up to 130 mph.

How much does it cost to install architectural shingles?

How Much Do Architectural Shingles Cost? The average cost for an architectural shingle roof will range between $13,500 to $21,500 depending on the slope, pitch, and size of your roof. You can expect to pay $1.00 to $1.50 per sq. foot or $100 to $150 per square installed on a standard sized single story home.

What is a 30 year architectural shingle?

Are also known as the dimensional or architectural shingles. Owen’s Corning 30 year shingles sell under “Oakridge”. These shingles are thicker, heavier and have more tar which sticks shingles together by thermal sealing.

Should I replace flashing with new roof?

Typically, a roofer will replace step flashing on a new roof. Also, your roofer should not layer new flashing on top of the old flashing. You should only have one layer of flashing on a roof at a time.

Do thicker shingles last longer?

Architectural shingle, also called dimensional shingle, is built up into much thicker shingles. The shingles are manufactured in varying shapes and sizes to look more organic and to mimic more traditional roofing materials such as wood shake and slate. The greater thickness also means they last longer.

Can you powerwash shingles?

NEVER aim your pressure washer up the roof, as it can push water under the shingles. Spraying water under your shingles can both tear off the shingles and force water under them and into your home.

Is it OK to put a second layer of shingles on a roof?

A second layer of shingles will decrease the integrity of your new roof and lower its lifespan. That’s because shingles aren’t designed to have a second layer of shingles on top of them! Plus, all that extra moisture and heat being applied to the first layer of shingles will make that first layer age faster.

How much does a new layer of shingles cost?

Asphalt shingles, the most common roofing material, cost between $120 and $400 per square. You’ll also pay for flashing, trim, vent covers and gutters. You can keep costs down by shingling over an existing roof, rather than replacing it.

Is 3 layers of shingles OK?

No, you can’t put three layers of asphalt shingles on a roof. In most states, you’re only allowed to have two layers of asphalt shingles on a roof for fire safety reasons.

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