How much money did Birds of Prey lose?

“Birds of Prey” cost a reported $82 million to produce. Executives at rival studios put that number as closer to $100 million (due to elaborate sets and CGI) and estimate the film needs to make around $100 million domestically and $300 million globally to break even.

Why did Birds of Prey flop Quora?

Originally Answered: What is the main reason behind the box office failure of ‘Birds of Prey’? It was death by a thousand cuts. There wasn’t one specific problem that would be fatal, but rather a cumulative series of problems that proved insurmountable. Harley Quinn just is not that popular of a character.

Are they making a Birds of Prey 2?

A Birds of Prey 2 film is reportedly moving forward at Warner Bros., but not with Harley Quinn’s Margot Robbie.

Was bird of Prey a flop?

The movie earned $201.8 million globally in its theatrical run, meaning that while it still made back more than twice its budget, Birds of Prey was still a financial disappointment for Warner Bros.

Why was Suicide Squad a flop?

The Suicide Squad most likely flopped because of its dual release on HBO Max. Even though it was a failure, the characters are likely to play a pivotal role in the DCEU moving forward, as they have amazing franchise potential.

Was the hyena in Birds of Prey real?

In the film, the hyena is actually a large dog, that is then given the CGI treatment to turn it into a hyena on the screen, but in the special features attached to the new Birds of Prey digital release, the filmmakers mention that, at one point, they actually met with some professional animal handlers who owned a hyena …

Will Margot Robbie return as Harley Quinn?

Despite rumors she was taking a break, Margot Robbie confirmed she’s down to play Harley Quinn at any time. Harley Quinn fans can breathe a sigh of relief as Margot Robbie has confirmed that she is ready to return to the role whenever she is needed next.

Is Birds of Prey 2 Cancelled?

Is there room for Birds of Prey 2? We’ve heard from one of our proven sources, one of the same sources that made us the first outlet to break the news that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is happening, that Birds of Prey 2 is now completely cancelled at Warner Bros.

Did Birds of Prey make a profit?

Birds of Prey grossed $84.2 million in the United States and Canada, and $117.7 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $201.9 million. According to Variety, the film needed to gross $250–300 million worldwide to break even.

Is Suicide Squad a flop?

“The Suicide Squad” was always going to be a wild card at the box office as an R-rated, $185 million sequel to a DC Comics film that was a financial success but a critical flop.

Did Birds of Prey have a post credit scene?

So does “Birds of Prey” have a post-credits scene? The answer is yes, the film does feature a small bit of bonus content at the very end of the credits. However, it’s really just an extra gag and not like a secret “Wonder Woman 1984” trailer or some other kind of big tease.

Was Suicide Squad 2 a success?

Yes, had there been no Covid and no HBO Max concurrent availability, we might be talking about a $60 million opening, a $140 million domestic cume and a $366 million global finish.

Did Suicide Squad 2 make money?

Warner Bros. The Suicide Squad earned around $2.24 million (-81.4%) on its second Friday, bringing its eight-day cume to $37.37 million. That positions the $185 million, R-rated James Gunn-directed DC Films sequel for a $7.2 million (-72.5%) weekend and a mere $42.4 million ten-day cume.

Why did Harley name her hyena Bruce?

Harley’s hyena is named after Bruce Wayne. Ben Affleck played the last version of Bruce Wayne who Harley interacted with in ‘Suicide Squad.’ Warner Bros. Harley tells Cassandra Cain she named the hyena after ‘that hunky Wayne guy,’ aka Bruce Wayne.

Why does Harley Quinn’s Necklace say Bruce?

Harley Quinn’s ‘Bruce’ Necklace The necklace bearing the name ‘Bruce,’ which many will take as a clear nod to the Wayne billionaire who saved Harley’s life before apprehending her (a flashback included in her Suicide Squad introduction).

Does Harleys hyena died?

Harley would do anything for her pet hyenas, who were a gift from Jack before he died. It turns out that they would do anything for her as well, seeing as one of them just made the ultimate sacrifice and gave up their life to save her daughter.

Who is new Suicide Squad?

Margot Robbie is the definitive live-action version of the character, playing her now in three different films. We’re all very happy she’s back for The Suicide Squad.

Why is Margot Robbie no longer Harley Quinn?

Robbie has previously told Entertainment Weekly that the grueling schedule of filming Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad essentially back-to-back meant that she ‘need[ed] a break from Harley because she’s exhausting.’

Will Harley Quinn be in another movie?

Since there is no confirmed next appearance for Harley Quinn, that leaves her DCEU future up for speculation and debate. In terms of Harley-led projects, it will be fascinating to see what WB and DC decide to do with her current potential franchises.

Was Suicide Squad a success?

Although HBO Max isn’t transparent about their streaming numbers, The Suicide Squad underperformed at the box office and was generally considered to be a failure, especially by the standards of a big-budget superhero movie.

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