Apple users can reliably expect a new and improved operating system every year. This year is no different, and Apple has gone all out to provide Mac users with the best experience with macOS Ventura. The new OS promises to boost productivity with its great list of new features. If you eagerly await this macOS version, here’s what you need to know.

When is macOS Ventura Released?

A developer beta was released in June, and the public beta was made available in July. However, the final release of this macOS is slated to be in October.

If you cannot wait for so long, you can download and install the public beta version to try out the features. Since the download file is 12GB, creating a bootable macOS Ventura USB installer is prudent. With this bootable installer, you don’t have to keep downloading Ventura, but you can freshly install the new macOS on as many Macs as you want.       

What are the New Features?

The new features in macOS Ventura can change how you use your Mac. Here are some significant changes you must know about.

Stage Manager is an improved way to organize the active windows opened on your Mac. Currently, the window you are using will be positioned in the middle of the screen, and the other open windows will be seen on the left. Therefore, it will be easier for you to switch between the applications you are using currently.

The windows can be grouped, so it is easier to switch your screen between the different groups of windows to make it efficient for multitasking. Then, with a single click, you can return to the desktop.

Safari has been updated, and users can use the Tab Groups feature to share websites or see what tabs their family members, friends, or colleagues are looking at. Users can even build a list of bookmarks on the shared start page, and you can start a Messages conversion while you are on Safari. You can even begin a FaceTime call.

Continuity Camera is the most coveted feature that users have been waiting for, and this feature enables users to use their iPhones as a webcam for their Macs. Macs can automatically recognize and use your iPhone’s camera if you place it nearby. You don’t need to select anything or even wake up your devices. Your Mac and phone will connect wirelessly, and you can enjoy improved video calls.

Furthermore, thanks to this feature, other notable features like Studio Light, Center Stage, and Portrait Mode are also available on Macs. You can use these features to put the focus on you when using video conferencing applications. As iPhones have ultrawide cameras, you can use the Desk View feature and show not only your face when on video but also the top-down view of your desk. This feature is ideal for shooting tutorials or when trying to explain the use of a product and you want the video to feature the product and yourself.

Some massive improvements to the Mail application in macOS Ventura promise to enhance email communication. When searching on the app, you can now access typo correction and autocorrect. Before typing anything on the search bar, you can see contacts, emails, photos, attachments, documents, etc. All you must do is click the search bar. Moreover, you can set reminders to return to an email at a particular time and data. You will even receive automatic suggestions for following up on an email if you haven’t received a response. Besides these, you can click the undo sent button to recall an email and make changes. This can help you to unsend an email that isn’t perfect, and you wish to make edits.

Apple’s hardware is being powered by Metal 3, and this is the latest version of software powering gaming on Mac computers. For example, MetalFX Upscaling enables developers to render complicated scenes using less compute-intensive frames, and then they can apply resolution scaling. Furthermore, a new Fast Resource Loading API minimizes the wait time and provides a direct path from storage to the GPU. Therefore, you can quickly access geometry and high-quality textures.

With Ventura, you can seamlessly work across platforms and log in without needing to remember your password. Instead, you can use Face ID or Touch ID to log into your accounts. The new feature introduced by Ventura is the Passkey; this unique digital key stays on the device where it’s been created and is not shared on the web for added security. In addition, you can sync your sign-ins across iPhone, Mac, iPad, and even Apple TV through the iCloud Keychain.

So, don’t waste time but quickly check whether your Mac model is compatible with macOS Ventura. If it is, download and install this new OS to upgrade your system and enjoy improved productivity.

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