Treasure hunters are claiming they have uncovered the masses of gold reportedly hidden in the Philippines by Japanese soldiers during WWII. … Despite some experts claiming there are no evidence of the fabled gold and priceless jewels, a new footage has claimed it has found the long lost treasure.

Then, What is the greatest treasure never found?

Here are 10 lost treasures of the world whose value cannot be measured.

  • Lost Dutchman Mine. …
  • The Library of the Moscow Tsars. …
  • The Amber Room. …
  • Ark of the Covenant. …
  • Romanov Easter Eggs. …
  • Jewels of King John. …
  • Lost Inca Gold. …
  • Dead Sea Copper Scroll Treasures. Fragment of a Dead Sea Scroll, Jordan Museum, Amman.

Was the Confederate gold ever found? They decided to separate; a small party would go find help while Castleton and Sergeant Mike O’Rourke stayed behind with the gold. Neither the gold nor the men were ever seen again. That’s the story two treasure hunters told FBI special agent Jacob B. Archer, according to recently released court records.

Keeping this in consideration, Is Lost gold of ww2 staged?

It is all scripted, fake and made with. actors. They don’t care or mind if there is a treasure or not. It is all about the editing afterwards to make it “exiting”.

Has anyone actually found buried treasure?

No treasure has been reported to be found yet. … Buried treasure is not the same as a hoard, of which there have been thousands of examples found by archaeologists and metal detectors.

Can you keep treasure you find?

Generally, “the finder of lost property can keep it against all the world… … In California, there is a law mandating that any found property valued over $100 be turned over to police.

What happened to Kevin Dykstra?

Earlier in last year, Kevin had suffered a scuba accident while he featured an episode where fans watched him jump into a Lake while in full gear. He had to be pulled out of the water as he got into difficulty when his oxygen tank hit the side of the boat as he made a dive. It is alleged that he broke his hip.

Did they find gold on curse of Civil War gold?

Treasure hunters believe the legendary Civil War-era gold cache has been found. The FBI says they came up empty at the remote Pennsylvania dig site. Now an appeals court has ordered them to prove it. … The FBI has said it found nothing at Dent’s Run.

Did the curse of civil war gold get Cancelled?

It has not been confirmed in a press release that the show will return for season 3. The last season aired in April 2019 and the show is pending renewal but it also has not been officially cancelled.

What happened to lost gold of WWII?

It ended with its eighth episode on June 16, 2020. The second season follows the team as they dig deeper into the mystery of General Tomoyuki Yamashita’s hidden treasure. … Once that happens, we can expect ‘The Lost Gold of World War II’ season 3 to premiere sometime in 2021.

Who found the lost gold of World War II?

The Lost Gold of World War II returns to resume the search for hundreds of billions of dollars of stolen loot supposedly hidden in Southeast Asia by Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita. In season 2 of Lost Gold of WWII, the team dives deeper into the mystery.

What happened to the original Amber Room?

The Amber Room was constructed in Prussia and then given to Peter the Great of Russia as a present in 1716. The Nazis dismantled it and took it to Königsberg, from where it disappeared during allied bombing raids on the city. … Russian craftsmen have constructed a replica of the room in the Catherine Palace.

What is the most expensive item ever found with a metal detector?

Hand of Faith. With a weight of over 27 kilograms (952 ounces), the Hand of Faith is the biggest gold nugget that has ever been found with a metal detector. This remarkable discovery took place near Kingower, a small town in Victoria, Australia, in 1980 and it seems that the record still stands.

What is the oldest treasure ever found?

What was it found? Bulgaria’s Varna Gold Treasure is considered the oldest processed gold in the world dating back to the time of the Chalcolithic (Eneolithic, Copper Age) the Varna Culture (is usually dated to 4400-4100 BC).

Was the Fenn treasure ever found?

Fenn estimated over 350,000 people searched for the chest, and a few even died on their journey. Stuef spent two years searching for Fenn’s treasure, which included gold, jewelry and other artifacts believed to total over $1 million. He finally found it in the Wyoming wilderness in June.

What if you found treasure?

In the USA, the finder of a treasure has a good claim to it, only the original owner has a better claim. … They will then decide if the find is indeed deemed a treasure. Then, the market value of the find will be determined by the Treasure Valuation Committee, a governmental institution. Museums can then buy the item.

What is the most valuable treasure ever found?

Discovered in 1978 at Tillya Tepe, the Bactrian Gold is perhaps one of the most valuable treasures ever found in history. Dating back to the 1st century BCE, it contains over 20,000 gold ornaments.

What would happen if you found gold in your backyard?

If you did happen to find a large gold deposit on your property and do not own the mineral rights, don’t fear. You do still own the property at least from the ground up. The mineral rights owner cannot simply come and remove you and dig up your property.

Who is lagina’s wife?

His brother, Marty Lagina, has made it widely known that he is married to Olivia, with whom he shares two children, Alex and Maddie.

Did they find gold at the bottom of Lake Michigan?

Treasure hunters say they have found $2million gold looted from Confederate treasury in Lake Michigan shipwreck. Treasure hunters believe they have found $2million worth of gold stolen from the Confederates after the Civil War in a Lake Michigan Shipwreck. Kevin Dykstra and Frederick J.

How old is Kevin Dykstra?

Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB August 30, 1963. As of 2021, he is around 58 years old. Introduction : Kevin Dykstra is a real-life modern-day treasure hunter who brings history to life as an unlikely reality star of The History Channel’s show ‘Curse of the Civil War Gold’.

Did they find Confederate gold at the bottom of Lake Michigan?

Treasure hunters say they have found $2million gold looted from Confederate treasury in Lake Michigan shipwreck. Treasure hunters believe they have found $2million worth of gold stolen from the Confederates after the Civil War in a Lake Michigan Shipwreck. Kevin Dykstra and Frederick J.

What happened to lost Civil War gold?

The legend of the Elk County gold dates back to the summer of 1863, when a special Union detachment was tasked with transporting 26 gold bars, each weighing 50 pounds, from West Virginia to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia. That detachment, as the story goes, was ambushed, the gold lost and supposedly buried.

Is there gold on the bottom of Lake Michigan?

There is also gold on in Lake Michigan. Most prospector focus on the western side of the lake simply because that is where the population is. Yes, believe it or not, you can get gold near cities like Green Bay, Milwaukie, and Chicago.