does venmo require last 4 digits of phone number

Phone Confirmation for First Time Sending Money
Venmo has added a confirmation screen that shows a larger profile picture and allows you to verify the last four digits of the person’s phone number before transferring payment.

Does Venmo require phone number?

When you make a Venmo account, you have to sign up for it with your phone number. Whether you select a personal or business account, Venmo will still require your phone number, which you’ll have to verify right away. While you can’t work around this policy, there is a way to register for Venmo with a fake phone number.

Why is Venmo asking for my phone number?

Any payment sent directly to your phone number or email address won’t reach your Venmo account until you’ve verified them. If you are signing up for both a business profile and a personal profile simultaneously, you’ll be required to verify your phone number during signup.

How do I bypass phone number verification on Venmo?

What To Do if Venmo Can’t Verify a Phone Number?
Check if you have short code messaging enabled with your provider.
Text Start to 86753, which will check if you allow text messages from Venmo on your phone.
Press Resend Code.

Why doesn’t my phone number work for Venmo?

Answer. Republic Wireless is a VoIP company. Our phone numbers are classified as landlines rather than mobile numbers. Venmo has opted to not support this classification, which means they are unable to use a Republic Wireless number as the account number when setting up or updating it.

Can you get scammed on Venmo?

While there are many types of Venmo scams, they typically follow one of these patterns: Overpayment or mistake payment scams: A person “accidentally” sends you too much money for an online payment and asks for a refund. But in reality, they’ve used a stolen credit card or bank account to make the transfer.

What info do I give someone to pay me on Venmo?

To ask for or send money, users simply tap on the “Pay or Request” button in the Venmo app, and put in their friend’s username, phone number, or email in the top box. If the friend is nearby, they can also scan a QR code from the app. From there, they can either request money from them, or send them money.

Why is Venmo asking for the last 4 of my phone number?

Venmo has added a confirmation screen that shows a larger profile picture and allows you to verify the last four digits of the person’s phone number before transferring payment. This additional step can give you an additional measure of confidence that you’re paying who you intend to pay.

Why you shouldn’t use Venmo?

Venmo may NOT otherwise be used to receive business, commercial or merchant transactions, meaning you CANNOT use Venmo to accept payment from (or send payment to) another user for a good or service, unless explicitly authorized by Venmo.

Is it safe to verify my identity on Venmo?

I got an email from Venmo asking to verify my identity. Is this legit? Venmo has been notifying our users that we need to verify their identity in the Venmo app. We appreciate you being careful with your personal information and always advise avoiding emails that may seem suspicious.

Can I make another Venmo account with the same phone number?

Though it can be linked to multiple email addresses, a unique phone number must be linked to each Venmo account. Be careful if you try to register for an account with the same phone number as your other account, because it may result in the deletion of your first account.

Can one phone number have two Venmo accounts?

You can have two Venmo accounts, even if they’re using the same bank account — here’s how to set it up.


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